How to Access MLS LIVE

To view an MLS live or on-demand match, an MLS LIVE account is required. You can create an account here.

If you already have an MLS LIVE account, you can sign into your account by clicking "Log In" at the top right of the MLS LIVE subscription page. Please note: you will not be able to log into your MLS LIVE subscription until on or about February 21st, 2017.

What is My MLS Login?

All MLS LIVE accounts use your registered MLSsoccer.com email address as your login.

To verify your registered MLS LIVE email address, please click the account profile icon in the top right of the MLS LIVE subscription page. This will launch your MLS LIVE Account sign-in.

  • Sign in with your MLS LIVE email address.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click "Sign In."
  • Your MLS LIVE email address and other personal information is available on this page.
  • If you make any changes to your personal information, make sure to click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.

Forgot Password

To reset your password, navigate to the top right of the MLS LIVE subscription page and click on the My Account icon. In My Account, simply click "Forgot Password" and follow the steps.

You can also contact our customer service for assistance with your password.

Phone: Call us toll-free at 1-800-729-9990

Email: help@live-web.mlssoccer.com


System Requirements:

Active MLS LIVE subscription.

Registered http://www.mlssoccer.com/ Account.

Operating Systems:

Mac and PC.


Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

Software: The most recent versions of your Browser.

Bandwidth: Dedicated connection of 1800 Kbps(SD) or 3000Kbps (HD).

Territories: United States and Canada.

Getting Started

On the MLS LIVE subscription page, selecting the Matches option at top right will launch the MLS LIVE Matches page, which hosts the MLS LIVE scoreboard for matches and available match feed options. The current date will be displayed upon log in. From the Matches page, you can navigate to matches on a different date using the calendar icon at top left. You can also view the Matches page for just your favorite team, by selecting the "View By team" option on the top right of the Matches page.

From the Matches page, to launch a match on MLS LIVE, move your mouse over the desired match to view available match feed options. For Live matches, there will be options to join the Live broadcast or to start the match from the beginning. Select the desired video feed over the match scoreboard; all available feeds will be listed. Launching a match will open the browser-based web media player.

Video Player Controls and Options

When watching a live match in the MLS LIVE media player, navigating your mouse over the media player will cause the video playback controls to appear. Use these playback controls to restart a match from the beginning, move backwards in the feed by 10 seconds, or toggle between pausing and playing the match. You can also navigate through the match video by selecting a point or match event on the clickable scrubbing bar at the bottom of the media player. In addition, the media player has volume controls, a fullscreen option, an option to set your stream to Standard quality or HD quality, and an option to enable or disable closed captioning. These controls are all present at the bottom of the media player upon mouse-over.

Selecting or Switching a Match Feed

At the bottom of the MLS LIVE media player page is a schedule ticker of all the selected day's matches. Use the arrows to scroll through the day's matches, and click the calendar/date icon at bottom right to navigate to a different day’s matches. Click to select the match that you wish to play, and select a match feed from the available options that appear. For Live matches, all available match feeds will be present in the feed options drop down menu that appears. For archived matches, there will be options to watch the match recap, condensed highlights, or the full match replay.

Quad View

With MLS LIVE, it is easy to watch more than one soccer match at the same time. At the top right of the media player page is the "View" option, which lets you choose between Single, Dual or Quad views. Select one of these options to launch additional video viewers inside the media player, with the ability to watch up to four (4) live matches simultaneously in MLS LIVE. Click on any video viewer to highlight it and make it the primary player. Use the match score ticker below the media player to select a match feed option to launch in any selected video viewer.


Select the "Support" icon at the very top right of the Media Player page to launch the MLS LIVE Support Center.

How to View on Connected Devices and Mobile

To view MLS matches on connected devices please view our Connected Device FAQ here.

To view MLS matches on mobile devices please view our Mobile Device FAQ here.

Additional Help

Can't find the answer? We are always here to help!

Twitter: @MLSsupport

Phone: Call us toll-free at 1-800-729-9990

Email: help@live-web.mlssoccer.com