Frequently Asked Video Player Questions
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MLS LIVE Overview
Watching MLS LIVE
System/Technical Requirements
Technical Trouble Shooting
MLS LIVE Blackouts
MLS LIVE Registration Information
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MLS LIVE Overview
What is MLS LIVE?

MLS LIVE allows you to watch up to 233 live action-packed games from outside your local market. Here is your opportunity to catch your favorite team or players click by click, live and online.

Key Features:

  • DVR Functionality - Rewind to review a great play or catch something you missed.
  • SLOW MOTION - Click to view any part of a game in slo-mo; it's like creating your own highlight.
  • LIVE Button - If you rewind to review a great play, go back to the live stream in one click.
  • Key Event Markers - We'll mark every goal and foul on the timeline for you so you can go back and watch great plays with a single click.
  • Facebook integration - Keep tabs on the MLS social scene during a live game.
  • Real-Time Stats - Get up to the minute game and team stats.
  • Formations - See who is on the field for each team.
  • Blackout check - From the schedule page, you can find out if a game will be available in your area with a single click.

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Watching MLS LIVE
In what countries can I watch MLS LIVE?

MLS LIVE is available in the U.S, Canada and Mexico.

Can I watch on my iPhone/iPad/Roku/Panasonic TV?

MLS LIVE is your passport for Major League Soccer anywhere you roam. One subscription gives you access to great MLS action on the web, iPhone, iPad, Roku, and Panasonic connected televisions.

Don't want to purchase a subscription for the PC? Not a problem. You can buy a subscription on your iPhone or iPad without creating an account if that's where you plan to watch. Create your username and password there, and then use that same login on the web. It's your choice, your device.

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System/Technical Requirements
Before purchasing MLS LIVE please take a moment to review our System Requirements.

Minimum Windows Requirements

Minimum Mac Requirements

For the best quality experience using the MLS LIVE player, we recommend the following minimum hardware and broadband connections:

  • Intel Core 2 2.0 GHz or higher processor with a minimum 1GB of memory
  • Hardware acceleration graphics card
  • 3000 Kbps broadband connection

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Technical Trouble Shooting
Why do some of my games say "Waiting For Feed" in MLS LIVE?

When "Waiting For Feed" appears in MLS LIVE, it means that the game is coming soon, but no live feed is available from the stadium yet. Typically, live feeds become available 10-15 minutes before the game, so check back at that time to view the live game.

Why do some of my games say "Not Available" in MLS LIVE?

When "Not Available" appears in MLS LIVE, it means that the video feed is not available for that particular game due to that game not having televised coverage.

Why is my video not playing?

Make sure you have pressed the play button for your video and wait a minute or two. If you still cannot play the video then your issue may be due to the following:

  • Low Hard Drive Space - Windows temporarily stores videos on your hard drive for play back. Make sure you have at least 300 Megabytes of space free.
  • Low Memory - if your computer has less then the minimum 256 MB of memory or you are running many applications at the same time, close other applications before playing a video.
  • Low Bandwidth - it is required that you have either a Cable or DSL modem providing at least 750 kbps download speed. Contact your internet provider if you suspect you are getting less then this speed.

Why are my videos taking so long to start and/or not playing smoothly?

This is most likely due to low internet bandwidth. It is required that you have either a Cable or DSL modem providing at least 750 kbps download speed. Make sure you are not downloading music, movies, or games at the same time as this consumes your bandwidth. Note that if you are on a shared network, other people may be consuming your bandwidth. For example if your children are using the web at the same time you are. Contact your internet provider if you suspect you are getting less internet bandwidth then you should.

What video quality are the games viewable in?

MLS LIVE will provide the optimal video quality depending on the current download bandwidth of your Internet connection, up to a maximum of 3Mbps. The video player uses adaptive bandwidth technology to periodically check your Internet connection and the processing power of your machine to deliver you the optimal video quality experience. If the available bandwidth changes as you watch a game, the picture quality will fluctuate.

Will the viewing quality decrease if I am using other applications?

Applications which consume significant bandwidth or CPU, such as file sharing applications (e.g. emule, bittorrent), may compete with video streamed on MLS LIVE and thus reduce video quality. It is recommended to close these applications while watching video on MLS LIVE or limit their bandwidth usage. Downloading large files or using real-time applications, such as VoIP, may reduce video quality as well.

After I sign in and click on a game, I only get a spinning circle (or empty black screen or white screen). What should I do?

This may be related to a web browser media player plug-in issue, follow these steps to resolve:

  1. First step, uninstall Adobe Flash Plug-in.
  2. On a PC, do this through your CONTROL PANEL > ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS.
  3. On a Mac, drag Adobe Flash Player from applications to your Trash; or use Finder to locate Adobe Flash Player install manager, and uninstall
  4. Once you have removed Adobe Flash, ***restart your computer***
  5. Finally, download/install Flash directly from Adobe's website:

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MLS LIVE Blackouts
When am I blacked out on MLS LIVE?

MLS LIVE is available in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The service is not available to fans living or traveling outside of North America. All nationally televised matches are blacked out, but are available 48 hours after the match in the archives. Local broadcast blackouts are set by the clubs and their broadcast partners.

For complete MLS LIVE blackout details please visit:

What if all the games I'm trying view are blacked out?

This means our system cannot identify your IP address as a valid IP address. Hotels, Universities or Colleges, using a company VPN could be connecting to proxy servers that make it difficult to locate what TV territory you are located in.

How do I get the MLS LIVE system to recognize my IP address?

If you feel like you are being blacked out incorrectly please contact customer support with your IP address. If you don't know your IP address is please go to: Please include the IP address in the problem description or have it available when calling customer support.

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MLS LIVE Registration Information
Do I need to be an MLS LIVE subscriber to watch live games?

Yes. In order to watch live games and archived games you need to subscribe to MLS LIVE.

I registered but I have not received a confirmation email. What should I do?

Please first check your spam or junk mail folder for your activation email.

I forgot my password or my password is invalid. What should I do?

On the login screen there is a "Forgot your password?" link, click on this and a new password will be sent to your registered email account immediately. Remember that passwords are case sensitive. Check if you accidentally have caps lock on your keyboard.

Can I share my account with others?

No. Sharing of your username and password is strictly prohibited.

Can 2 people use my username and password at the same time?

No. If you are signed-in with your username and password no other user will be able to sign-in to MLS LIVE while you are using it.

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